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Transform Your Medspa Business with Sellsio Medspa Software

Digitize Forms, Use Facial Mapping, and Streamline Management Processes for Optimal Business Growth!

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About Us

Our medspa software is designed to provide you with the fundamental features necessary to run a successful medspa business. Our software includes a variety of features to streamline your business operations, from digitized patient forms that eliminate the need for paper forms, to facial mapping that enhances the customer experience and provides personalized treatment recommendations.

In addition, our software includes scheduling and payment management tools, inventory management, and reporting and analytics capabilities, giving you a complete overview of your business and the ability to make data-driven decisions for optimal business growth. With our medspa software, you can save time, reduce errors, and provide your customers with a seamless experience from start to finish.



Take photos on your phone, tablet or camera and upload them directly onto a customer's profile. Use the template overlay to get the same image size; works great for before & afters. Use a before photo as a background overlay to get the same image size for the after photo.


Showcase Transformation with Before & After Images. Highlight your expertise and client results with impactful visual comparisons.

Photo Marking & Unit Plotting

Choose your brand, product and units and tap on the photo where you've injected. Write notes on the images as you go.

Before & After Slider

Showcase Results with an Intuitive Before & After Slider. Enhance client experience by displaying clear, side-by-side progress visuals


Get Forms Signed On Tablet/Phone

Effortless Digital Signatures: Get Forms Signed on Tablet/Phone. Simplify paperwork and enhance efficiency by allowing clients to sign forms directly on their devices.

Customise Any Forms

Tailor Forms to Your Needs: Customize Any Forms. Personalize your documentation to match your business requirements with flexible customization options.

Choose From Over 200 Form Templates

treamline Your Documentation: Choose from Over 200 Form Templates. Find the perfect fit for your needs from our extensive library of customizable templates

Get Forms Signed Before Appointments

Get Forms Signed Before Appointments. Enhance efficiency and prepare clients seamlessly by allowing them to sign necessary forms ahead of time.


Calendar & Schedule Management

Streamline Your Operations with Calendar & Schedule Management. Simplify booking and stay organized with efficient scheduling tools.

Online Bookings

Enhance Client Experience with Effortless Online Bookings. Simplify scheduling and increase accessibility with our user-friendly online system.

Email/SMS Forms Prior To Appointment

Streamline Preparation with Email/SMS Forms Sent Before Appointments. Ensure clients are ready and informed with convenient pre-appointment documentation.

Rebook & Reschedule

Seamless Rebooking & Rescheduling. Enhance client satisfaction by offering effortless appointment adjustments.

Packages & Membersips

View packages in your clients profile.

Easily access and manage all client packages directly from their profile. Stay organized and provide tailored services with a comprehensive overview at your fingertips

See how many sessions have been used and how many are left.

Track session usage effortlessly by viewing the number of sessions used and remaining. Keep your clients informed and ensure smooth scheduling with real-time updates

Run reports on who has packages

Easily run reports to see which clients hold packages. Enhance your organizational capabilities and streamline client management with this valuable insight.

Create Different Memberships

Custom Memberships with Autocharge Capabilities. Tailor membership plans to fit your clients' needs and automate recurring payments for seamless convenience.

Take advantage of the July offers!

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